Windows - Some notes after installing

August 24, 2021 21:59


Well, because I forget the settings all the time…

  • Color: Default full-red
  • Dark mode
  • No wallpaper on lock screen
  • Default Windows wallpaper
  • Lockscreen with Windows Spotlight

O&O Shut up 10

Enable everything except…

  • Windows Defender
  • Windows SmartScreen
  • Updates (recommended < yes)
  • Background Apps
  • Windows Spotlight (for the lockscreen)
  • On some devices make sure to NOT block the microphone or biometrics (fingerprint login)


I trust no user. Not even myself - therefore apply this registry patch (name it Enable additional password request.reg). It forces even admin users to reenter their passwords…

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



I have a server mirroring all my beloved tools - I always map him as Network Drive (for easier usage). Without stored credentials of course…