Native Development

C/C++ (♥), Python, Java or Kotlin. I speak them all! My favourite rendering APIs? Vulkan, OpenGL and GLSL. Librarys? Vulkan SDK, libcurl, GLUT, SDL2 and GTK+/wxWidgets. And did you know that I’m the co-maintainer of Open-Smartwatch?

Web Development

PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, and TS - you name it! Libraries and Frameworks? Python Flask / FastAPI (with Poetry), Angular, Cordova and Electron. Things I know… NodeJS/NPM/NVM and all its derivatives.

Development operations

DevOps? Of course! Gitlab CI, Docker and Kubernetes: Starting with just some code-format-checks up to tested, scaled, auto-deployed and prodution-ready apps - even this site is part of my CI pipelines!

Systems administration

Linux is my world! I also enjoy working with a lot of other server-related software: Virtualisation (KVM, Docker, Kubernetes), storage (ZFS, NFS), services (Nextcloud, Jellyfin, BookStack and many more) or management (Netdata, Ansible) are only some of my specializations!

Software engineering

I love to design systems: Starting by just the internal class diagrams of a server instance up to the whole API backend with distributed MicroServices.


You need a website or want to modify an existing one? Wordpress, Joomla and now Hugo - I worked with all of them. Or maybe you just want to redesign some static content?

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From my blog

Random encounters with fascinating software and sporadic posts about the world (of tech). Some DIY projects included - refer to their package leaflet for risks and side effects.

Nginx - Proxyserver

on December 21, 2022 14:56

Templates for reverse proxies with websocket support? Wildcards. And Docker stuff.

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FFmpeg - Conversion

on December 6, 2022 23:24

Some copy-paste scripts for mass media conversion

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Borg - Backup

on September 7, 2022 16:20

Notes regarding the borg backup system. Also a setup script for automated, encrypted, and deduplicated backups is included…

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Libvirtd - Linux virtualisation

on September 7, 2022 15:32

Server, client, shared folders, freezing at host down-times and much, much more!

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