Native Development

C/C++ (♥), Python, Rust, Java or Kotlin - let’s go! My favourite rendering APIs? Vulkan, OpenGL (with GLSL). Librarys? Vulkan SDK, libcurl, GLUT, SDL2 and Dear ImGui. And did you know that I’m the maintainer of Open-Smartwatch?

Web Development

PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and TS - you name it! Libraries and Frameworks? Python Flask or FastAPI (♥) (with Poetry), Angular, Cordova and Electron. Things I know? Well, NodeJS/NPM and NVM.

Development operations

DevOps? Of course! Gitlab CI, GitHub Actions, Docker and Kubernetes: Starting with just some code-format-checks up to tested, scaled, auto-deployed and prodution-ready apps - even this site is part of a CI pipeline!

Systems administration

Linux is my world! I also enjoy working with a lot of other server-related software: Virtualisation (KVM, Docker, Kubernetes), storage (ZFS, NFS), services (Nextcloud, Jellyfin, BookStack and many more) or management (Netdata, Ansible) are only some of my loved tools!

Software engineering

I love to design systems: Starting by just the internal class diagrams of a server instance up to the whole API backend with distributed MicroServices.


You need a website or want to modify an existing one? Wordpress, Joomla and now Hugo - I worked with all of them.

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From my blog

Random encounters with fascinating software and sporadic posts about the world (of tech). Some DIY projects included - refer to their package leaflet for risks and side effects.

OpenWrt for Fritz!Box 7360 EWE Edition

on June 29, 2024 20:10

What was going on? Recently, I had the unique opportunity to open-source flash a “Fritz!Box 7360 EWE Edition” with the guarantee of no consequences in case I completely brick it! So my first choice fell on OpenWrt, as it is a well-known and well-documented open-source firmware for routers and modems. Especially, this would fix issues with increasingly decreasing wireless performance with the original firmware after multiple weeks of uptime (thanks AVM).

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Libvirtd - Linux virtualisation

on April 2, 2024 22:05

Server, client, shared folders, freezing at host down-times and much, much more!

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Borg - Backup

on November 10, 2023 01:27

Notes regarding the borg backup system. Also a setup script for automated, encrypted, and deduplicated backups is included…

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OPNsense for R&S GP T-10

on November 5, 2023 16:22

What? I recently got some old firewalls - the “Rhode & Schwarz GP T-10” (they are even still oficially supported by the latest software release by the manufacturer!). These are embedded devices build to be deployed in workshops (or any other harsh environment) and are therefore fanless designed. They are also very small and have a very low power consumption. The hardware is quite old, but still more or less capable for a firewall.

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