Dear Templates

Dear Templates - what is this?

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This is a collection of little guides and notes about servers, services, programs and problems - mostly on Linux. They are designed to give a quick and dirty overview about a topic and some details about setting it up or get a specific thing running. Sometimes they also include notes about workarounds or tips and tricks - all that good stuff! What ever you intend to do with them, have fun and make sure to share this repo, if it helped you! 😊


You found a mistake, typo or want to improve something? Just do it!

But please make sure to also update the summary:-tag at the head of the modified file accordingly…

What is that summary-header at top of every file?

This markdown files are written for my website - compiled by Hugo. And because I want to specify an own summary, I'll need to provide a own header in each file, otherwise a simple Python script is generating the other needed metadata…


Hmmm, yes you can also include this files into e.g. your own Hugo website as e.g. git submodule. But please give credit to all the contributors here and do not claim all this as your own.