Vanillesauce / Pudding á la Simon

Ingredients 500ml Milk 3x Spoon starch 3x Spoon sugar (+1 spoon for pudding) 4x Drops butter-vanilla flavor (may mix 1:1 with rum flavor) Assembly pot.insert(mix(milk, starch, sugar, flavor)); Stove.insert(pot); Stove.heat(pot, 100%); while(pot.content.stateOfAggregation == fluid) stir(pot.content); Stove.heat(pot, 0%); while(pot.content.temperature > cold) wait();

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Tonno Salat á la Simon

Ingredients 2x Corn can Tonno with peas & tomatoes & sauce can Heaped spoon french sauce (mayonnaise) Shot Olive oil A lot of garlic powder Salt A lot of pepper Assembly mix(corn, tonno, mayonnaise, oil, garlic powder, salt, pepper);

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