The Green Bot

June 14, 2020 11:47

The Green Bot


This is a Telegram Chat Bot, which allows you to execute scripts by a schedule. The user can select their desired scripts from a “store” and choose to activate them. After that they can run them manually or by a schedule based on an interval or by day/time combinations. I also choosed to create a public instance (the bot can be self-hosted - even with Docker support), which can be easily used with (the bot has been taken offline at 2020-12-12 due not enough users 😢…).

Own scripts

The scripts are, like the bot itself, written in Python - therefore easy and very powerful (because the latter, no user is allowed to just upload their scripts). If you want to use your own, just take a look into the example script for all the recommended function definitions.


If you want to learn more or even contibute: Check out The Green Bot over on GitHub!

~As always, enjoy!