Shotcut Autoexporter

March 21, 2020 12:25

What is it?

Imagine you have a little laptop for your work and you could edit some videos in Shotcut - but if you want to export anything with a reasonable quality you’re just confronted with a estimated time of several hours. Or worse: Shotcut does what every video editing program can do best - it simply crashes. Now imagine you know someone with a very fast pc - wouldn’t it be cool to just upload the project and get it exported in minutes? Meet this script! It allows you to queue your projects, processes it and presents the final result.

All you need to do is to setup e.g. a samba share to allow your friend wo upload his projects (and also add it to your autostart). This script also makes sure only relative paths are used (so it is more or less secure 😅).


Jump over to GitLab/GitHub and have a look. Set it up and then enjoy!