Sendlight for LD382

March 24, 2019 19:42


Whats that?

It is an interactive webinterface, which allows you to control the propertary chip from Magic Home. It also provides a basic API to repeat and send own patterns and actions. It is really leightweight and also useable on mobile. Here are some of the included features:

  • Favourite colors
  • Fade with speed / direct set
  • Animations (onyl the default ones) and speed
  • Automatic API-URI generation with curl support

The chip LD382


The chip is a propertary model and sadly closed-source. It seems to had an option to flash custom firmware before, but it has been removed with a update not so long ago. Luckly the brute-forcing tool hydra was able to determine the hard coded username and password of the default webinterface (which also had been removed with that update). The chip / mainboard itself only contains the chip, a more-or-less esp, the mosfet(s) and a little flash memory. All in all nothing special or expensive.


Well, head over to the GitLab/GitHub Repository and enjoy your newly gain controls over the chip!