Pritunl fake API

January 24, 2020 20:00

What is this?

This neat script provides a little fake API to unlock all premium/enterprise/enterprise+ (here called ultimate) features of your own Pritunl VPN server. If Pritunl wouldn’t be mostly free already, you could call this a crack. An Open Source crack.

How was it developed?

Well, Pritunl has thankfully an demo site to show off all of its included features… And its Open Source, so the reverse-engineering was not too hard. This combined I was able to recreate the original Pritunl API endpoint and also hijack the key verification routines to serve some own custom CSS, which displays all the hidden options inside the web interface. After all that I only needed to create a little installer, which replaced all previous occurrences of the original api endpoint URL with a custom one. Thats it 😁!

Okay, how can I get it?

Have fun with your new premium/enterprise/ultimate Pritunl instance using the faked api from GitLab/GitHub!