Linux OBS Virtual Camera

November 4, 2018 21:31

Whats that?

A simple script to implement the virtualCam-plugin for OBS under linux. Basically it enables (and installs) the required kernel module and starts the encoder for the stream. After this it starts automatically OBS and its recording - now you can use the virtual camera of OBS. At the end the encoder stops and the kernel module get removed.

This script was tested under Linux Mint 19 Tara.

How it works - in detail

  1. Installing the kernel module
  2. Activate the kernel module
  3. Create the pipe for OBS
  4. Enable encoder for the stream
  5. Start OBS and wait for finish
  6. Remove the pipe (-> this stops encoder)
  7. Wait for user input and then disable the kernel module
  8. Finish…

Check it out