June 2, 2020 21:48

CaroProjects is now Open Source!


…but wait - what is CaroProjects? Well, it is primarily a web application, designed to allow teachers to manage and distribute projects for their students on one central place. It therefore includes everything from user management, project planning and seat distribution. It uses a mobile friendly design, inspired by the Material Design by Google - completly written from scratch!

How it works…

Everything is seperated into two main sections: The API and the user frontend. The API is written in PHP and manages, validates and stores all data - provided by the JS-heavy frontend. Every new year the administrator can upload a new CSV file, containing the active users. The system will notify them about their new membership and provide all utilities needed to allow them to login for their first time. Whenever their time has come, one year of students is allowed to join the projects available for them - when the global deadline has been reached, the teachters can check out the joined users and start their project with them. Before that some checks are made, to ensure that every student had at least a chance to join their dream-project. After that they will be forcefully assigned to them.


I think that should be enough to provide a basic overview about this project. If you want to learn more about it - or even contribute: Check out the official GitLab repository!

A huge thank you to…

…the team, which made it possible to develop such a huge piece of software from scratch: