Mailu - Email

August 2, 2020 18:09

Install Mailu

  1. Generate the default pair of the docker-compose.yml and mailu.env files here - here some notes:
    • With DB (sqlite can be very slown with bigger systems) - why not?
    • Enable the Rainloop-webmail it is needed for sieve script editing (Mailu cant expose the sieve ports currently)
  2. Add the initial administrator account with docker-compose exec admin flask mailu admin USERNAME DOMAIN PASSWORD (the email for the admin will be USERNAME@DOMAIN)
  3. Disabled the POP3 ports and allowed them to listen on - note I don’t use ipv6 here!
  4. Added a user forward wildcard (% - SQL syntax) to point to some account, this hides the known users on the system (no rejecting)
  5. Maybe use relay hosts (authenticated SMTP is also supported) - otherwise your private ip address can lock you from some email providers out -> see
  6. Add the following to the webmail section inside the compose file to unlock the custom sieve script button inside the webmail (from here):
    command: ["bash", "-c", 'sed -i "/^sieve_allow_raw/s/=.*/= On/" /default.ini; /']

Configure Postfix and Servers

Why Postfix? Because it is dead simple and we don’t need any SMTP authentication for the trusted servers here…

  1. Installed postfix
    • Satellite system
    • Relay host is the hostname of the Mailu server (make sure to use IPv4 when you enter a static ip address here)
  2. Change /etc/aliases to point root to e.g. your user and your user to any email on the Mailu server
  3. Apply the changes with sudo newaliases
  4. Change inside /etc/postfix/ file the myhostname to something like hostname.localdomain to fix senderaddress rejected - this can sometimes still fail. In that case allow the affected server ips as relay networks without authentication inside the mailu.env file (private ipv4s are not routed, therefore OK)…
  5. Add DKIM, SPF and DMARC - this way you can make sure nobody could impersonate your domains email server (how it works see here)!
  6. Make it more secure (we don’t need to forward emails from outside to our smtp server for which we are may whitelisted) - comment inside /etc/postfix/ the following line:
    smtp      inet  n       -       y       -       -       smtpd


  • In case of errors with postfix: sudo tail -f /var/log/mail.*
  • If you ever need the install configure assistant again: sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix
  • If you want to use postfix on the docker host itself, it will need an other port to talk to the front container of Mailu - add a port like this (instead of 25) -> Otherwise postfix will think it would use itself to deliver emails - therefore block any email…