Eject & cdvdcontrol - rip with speed

August 22, 2021 23:20

For most drives the following will work (make sure to switch to “Performance Mode” in the BIOS, when using a Thinkpad):

eject -vx 0

-> 0 disables any limit - you could also enter a speed (to test it is working choose something like 8 and the disk should spin down).

But as always: Some disks drives (PIONEER - use cdvdcontrol -d /dev/sr0 -s to check for supported features) won’t respect that and their firmware needs a kick in the b*** -> run (package qpxtool):

cdvdcontrol -d /dev/sr0 --pio-limit off --pio-quiet perf

To disable any noise limits (take a look into the manual to revert that, as it is very bad during watching movies)!