Maintenance RSS Feed

April 27, 2021 11:09

What’s that?!

Okay, in the recent years I’ve become a service provider to more and more people (which is fine by me), but when I need to do maintenance to my server I now have to contact all of them. Individually. Using their preferred way of communication.


Me, contacting all of you - visual representation only, not actual footage.

As you may imagine, this is sort of a pain in the b*tt - especially when I need to move the maintenance window or may want to report about outages… So here is my solution: As I already have my website on which I publish maintenance notes and also already render the needed RSS feeds - why not use these?

To use the RSS feed on your device you’ll just have to import this URL:

On Linux, Android & Windows there are some good RSS readers. On Apple, you’ll may have to pay for a good solution (but hey, you should be already used to that).

That’s all folks!