Software development

C/C++ (♥), Java, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP or QBASIC. I speak them all! My favourite rendering APIs? Vulkan, OpenGL and GLSL. Librarys? Here my most frequently used ones: libCurl, GLUT, GLAD, SDL2 and GTK+.

Development operations

DevOps? Of course! Gitlab CI, Docker and Kubernetes: Starting with just some code formatting checks up to tested and scaled, auto-deployed and prodution-ready apps - even this site is part of my CI pipeline!

Software engineering

I love to design systems: Starting by just the internal class diagrams of a server instance up to the whole backend API and frontend representation.

Systems administration

Linux is my world. When your server is stuck in emergency mode or you just need some hints regarding e.g. virtualisation - in the most cases I have an approach!


You need a website or want to modify an existing one? Wordpress, Joomla and now Hugo - I worked with all of them. Or maybe you just want to redesign some static content…


You need an intuitive and unique interface design for your next project? Whether you work with a C++ rendering pipeline or just need some JS with CSS - I’m here to help you!

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From my blog

Random encounters with fascinating software and sporadic posts about the world of tech. Some DIY projects included - refer to the package leaflet for risks and side effects.

Maintenance 2020.04.03 - 2020.04.05

on April 1, 2020

Hey, little heads up regarding a huge server maintenance: Due the fact that I have to move the server - I hereby announce the expected downtimes of the server and all of my services: 2020.04.03 08:00 - 2020.04.05 19:00 Please note, that after that timeframe some services may not work properly and therefore do not hesitate to contact me if any problem persists too long (not everything is automatically monitored from my backends).

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WarriorCats Roleplay - Beendet

on November 16, 2019

Nun… Nichts währt für immer und ewig, auch wenn es anders scheint. Damit möchte ich nun auf das Ende des WarriorCats Roleplay Projekt (zumindest von meiner Seite) verweisen. Es sei angemerkt, dass das ganze Projekt eventuell dank der Community weiterlaufen wird - wenn sich nun doch noch Jemand findet. So war die Suche nach einem neuen Admin schon seid Längerm im Gange, konnte aber nur langsam abgeschlossen werden. Der Discord Server wird nun unter neuer Führung weiterlaufen - bis auf Weiteres.

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Modpack update v2.0

on August 21, 2019

Activated Solder Updated FTB* Updated Server Files

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Modpack update v1.13

on June 20, 2019

Bugs, bugs, bugs… Updated FTB*, iChan and Morph updated servers world

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